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As someone with extremely fine hair, curling has always been a point of frustration for me. Curling irons last an hour at most, and my hair tends to slip right out of most regular head curlers making it a tedious and uncomfortable task. I had all but given up on curling my hair when I found out about the sponge/foam free rollers popular in South Korea and Japan.

Ever since seeing the cute strawberry curlers above, I’ve wanted to give them a try, though I was still skeptical. I never got around to ordering online, but luckily I didn’t need to when I found some at Forever21, a 4-pack only costing me $1.


For that price, it was worth a shot.10877963_10152516450875938_1600100780_n

As you can see, they’re pretty simple to use, without the hassle of clips and metal or hard plastic fastens.      Most people add some sort of binding product
to their hair and start from the top, twisting the hair around the center of the curler (the tighter you twist, the tighter the curl) then you stick the stray end into the little slit and give each side a turn to make sure everything is secure.

I was surprised by a couple of things when first using them. One was how easy it was, and how I got my hair wrapped up in the curler on the first try, which has never happened with traditional curlers. Second, it was how much hair I could fit into one curler. This, of course, means my curls would be more loose/wavy, but if that’s the look you’re going for you really don’t need too many of them to get your whole head covered. I bought 2 packs of four curlers and ended up getting all my hair up using 6 of them.



I didn’t leave them in too long the first time, as it was just a test-run. However, I could definitely see these being great for overnight use, not only because they’re super soft, but they feel really secure. Taking them out wasn’t a hassle either, as I had expected. My hair unraveled with ease and even after such a short trial run, I had a cute wave in my hair that I lightly brushed out with my fingers.



I would highly recommend these curlers for anyone. Some research has showed me that they work great for all sorts of hair types (you can find tons of tutorials on youtube), but I know I can say from a fine/hard to curl hair perspective they definitely work. Plus, they’re super cute and cheap virtually anywhere you get them.


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